Each Open Project is supported by its own group of sponsors that provide direction and governance in cooperation with the community at-large. Sponsoring an Open Project gives you full membership status in OASIS Open.

Choose the level that’s right for you.

Get the benefits you need

Sponsor Premier
Hold a seat on Project Governing Board
Decide which deliverables to advance through OASIS Standards process
Vote on all OASIS Standard ballots
Determine when approved work should be submitted to ISO, IEC, ITU, etc.
Determine selection of Technical Steering Committee members
Be identified in subheads of official press releases
Get quoted in press releases and website testimonials
Speak at conferences, workshops, etc.
Participate in interoperability demos, plugfests, and product showcases
Attract prospects by promoting your use cases on the Project website
Nominate, serve, and vote on OASIS Board of Directors
Receive discounts for OASIS events
Receive visibility for your logo on OASIS homepage, the Project’s website, and marketing materials Featured placement
Promote your relevant conference presentations in OASIS events calendar and social media channels
Announce your membership Help from OASIS to issue your own press release Dedicated press release issued by OASIS
Fund core services to support the Project

Designate up to $20K of your dues to fund a supplemental service or activity of your choice, subject to PGB approval.

Allocation may only be used during the current annual term of Premier Sponsorship. Unused funds do not roll over and are non-refundable.

Frequently asked questions

How do I join my Project’s Governing Board?

Each Sponsor has the option to hold a voting seat on the PGB, provided they have signed an E-CLA for that project. You can take care of the E-CLA after sending in your Membership Agreement–just be sure to do it before participating in any PGB meetings. We need to be sure any contributions you make–even verbal ones–are covered by the Project’s open source license.

How much time do I need to commit?

Each Open Project’s members decide how frequently they want to meet and how they want to work. Most PGBs hold one-hour meetings once or twice a month and collaborate via email, GitHub, wikis, and other online tools. In addition to being on the PGB, most Sponsors have several employees contributing technically to the project.

Will I need to attend face-to-face meetings?

We don’t think anyone should be shut out of open source and standards development based on their inability to travel. If your Open Project decides to hold a F2F (some never do), you’ll always have the option to dial in remotely. When Open Projects do meet F2F, they often try to do it in conjunction with an industry conference, so it’s easier for more people to attend.

Can I participate as an individual?

Everyone is welcome to get involved technically. There are no dues required, although you do need to sign a CLA. If the Open Project is relevant for your company, we hope you’ll encourage them to become a Sponsor. Open Projects rely on two things–great technical contributions from people in the community and funding from stakeholder organizations.

When does my sponsorship begin?

Usually within 48 hours of receiving your signed Membership Agreement, OASIS will activate your sponsorship. We’ll get you onboarded and engaged right away.

What payment options does OASIS offer for dues?

Credit card, check, or wire transfer are all good. After we receive your Membership Agreement, we’ll email you an invoice with full details on payment options. If you need us to include a purchase order or reference number on your invoice, let us know on your Membership Agreement. Need more? Feel free to put your accounting people in touch with our accounting people. We’re happy to help.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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