Become an OASIS Open member to participate in one TC or all of them. Involve as many of your employees as you choose with no extra fees. It’s all covered under your TC membership.

Choose the level that’s right for you.

Get the benefits you need

Contributor Sponsor Premier
Involve an unlimited number of employees in any/all TCs
Start new TCs
Vote to approve OASIS Standards
Nominate, serve, and vote on OASIS Board of Directors
Save with discounts on OASIS events 10% 20% 30%
Have your linked logo visible throughout OASIS website Featured placement
Get included and quoted in OASIS press releases Featured placement
Be recognized on TC homepages
Participate in interop demos hosted by your TCs
Qualify for priority selection to present at industry conferences
Use the OASIS calendar to promote your standards-related presentations at industry events
Stand out with an OASIS press release announcing your sponsorship
Allocate up to $12,000 from your dues to fund an event or activity of your choice, such as:

  • Interop demo participation
  • Sponsorship of OASIS-hosted event, e.g. Borderless Cyber
  • Sponsorship of OASIS workshop or reception at your chosen industry event
  • Travel costs for OASIS staff to present at your company event
  • Membership scholarship awarded in your name
  • Road show promoting the work of your TC
  • Sponsorship of an OASIS Open Project
  • Participation fee for an OASIS-hosted Technical Advisory Group to ISO
Allocation may only be used during the current annual term of Premier Sponsorship. Unused funds do not roll over and are non-refundable.

Frequently asked questions

My employer may already be an OASIS member. How do I join a TC?

First, check to see if your employer is on our TC Members list. If they are, create a member login, then sign up for the TC(s) of your choice. Your employer’s Primary Representative will need to approve your request to join, but we’ll take care of making that connection. See TC Participation Instructions for more information.

How much time do I need to commit?

Each TC’s members decide how frequently they want to meet and how they want to work. Most TCs hold one-hour meetings twice a month and collaborate via email, GitHub, wikis, and other online tools. If you volunteer to be a TC chair or spec editor, you’ll spend a bit more time than other members, but it’s still never onerous.

Can I attend a TC meeting without being a member?

No. To comply with the OASIS IPR Policy and TC Process, you must be on the TC roster. Non-members are welcome to attend TC workshops, webinars, and other educational events. If you have questions prior to joining, OASIS staff and TC chairs are available to help.

Will I need to attend face-to-face meetings?

We don’t think anyone should be shut out of standards development based on their inability to travel. If your TC decides to hold a F2F (some never do), you’ll always have the option to dial in remotely. When TCs do meet F2F, they often try to do it in conjunction with an industry conference, so it’s easier for more people to attend.

Can I join OASIS as an individual?

If you are self-employed, unemployed, or your employer is unable to join OASIS, you may qualify to join as an individual. You will be able to participate fully in TCs, but you will not receive marketing or visibility benefits, and won’t be able to vote on OASIS Standards or for our Board of Directors. Your membership cannot be transferred. More details are in the Membership Agreement for Individuals.

2024 Annual Dues
Associates: $1,975
Individuals: $475

When does my membership begin?

Usually within 48 hours of receiving your signed Membership Agreement, OASIS will activate your membership, and you may start participating in TCs right away.

What payment options does OASIS offer for dues?

Credit card, check, or wire transfer are all good. After we receive your Membership Agreement, we’ll email you an invoice with full details on payment options. If you need us to include a purchase order or reference number on your invoice, let us know on your Membership Agreement. Need more? Feel free to put your accounting people in touch with our accounting people. We’re happy to help.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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