Elections Schedule 
Wednesday 5 AprilBoD Nominations opened
Friday 28 AprilLast day for member questions to the candidates
Friday 5 MayNominations closed 21:00 hrs, 9:00pm US EST (UTC-4). Nominated Candidates required to confirm acceptance before this deadline.
Wednesday 10 MayBoD Ballot opened for 6 seats, including the Special Election
Thursday 1 JuneElections closed 21:00 hrs, 9:00pm US EST (UTC -4)
Tuesday 14 JuneNew Board seated at virtual Board meeting

Table of Contents

OASIS Board of Directors
   Nomination Process
   Accepting Nominations
   Early Nominations are Strongly Encouraged.
Candidate Review and Selection Period
Member Questions to BoD Candidates
Voting Process

OASIS Board of Directors

The OASIS Board of Directors is comprised of executive-level officers, experienced in managing organizational growth, defining policies and dedicated to advancing open standards for interoperability. By serving on the OASIS Board, directors exercise a major impact on the strategic direction of the consortium. Recognized for their contributions by the entire standards community, the directors guide OASIS in its mission to drive the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for e-business.

The OASIS Board is comprised of 11 elected directors, each serving two-year terms. The terms are staggered annually to preserve management continuity. Elected directors serve as individuals; however, to be nominated for and serve on the Board of Directors, a person must be a member of the Corporation or an employee, designee or representative of a member of the Corporation.  This Annual Election is for five seats with a two-year term running through June 2024. Additionally, there will be a Special Election held concurrently for one seat with a one-year term.


Any OASIS member organization may nominate a candidate for the Board of Directors. Nominees are required to be members of OASIS. Individuals should be nominated for their personal qualifications and commitment, not solely for their company or organizational affiliation.  

OASIS seeks candidates that reflect and represent the diverse nature of the global OASIS member base.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be sent to nominations@oasis-open.org and be received during the nomination period.

Nominations must be made or approved by the Primary Contact of the member organization making the nomination. Members may identify their Primary Contact at http://www.oasis-open.org/kws/my_company

Accepting Nominations

Nominees must email formal acceptance to nominations@oasis-open.org during the nomination period. Nominations not formally accepted by the nominee by the end of the nomination period will be considered withdrawn. 

Each BoD Nominee’s Acceptance Letter Should Include:

  • A short biography and an optional statement describing the nominee’s interest in and qualifications for serving on the OASIS Board.
  • Platform information, identifying opinions on priorities and issues facing OASIS, ideas for technical activities, and suggestions for business development initiatives or strategic partnerships. This information will serve as the primary means for members to understand a candidate’s vision for the future of the Consortium.
  • A statement that the nominee is prepared to commit and has support from their management to devote at least 5% of their time to OASIS Board activities and is able to travel to attend face-to-face meetings approximately annually at their employer’s or own expense. The first such meeting will be held virtually, where the newly elected Board members will be formally seated.

These acceptance documents are published on the BoD candidate profile page in the Members-Only section of the OASIS web site.

Early Nominations are Strongly Encouraged

No nomination information will be made publicly available until the opening of the ballot. Nominees are encouraged to submit their documentation as soon as possible, to ensure adequate time to review their candidate profile web pages, which cannot be edited after the ballot opens.

Candidate Review and Selection Period

BoD profile pages on the Members-Only section of the OASIS web site will be created for all candidates. The pages will include each candidate’s nomination acceptance letter. Once posted, the profile pages cannot be altered.

In accordance with the OASIS Bylaws, candidates may distribute material reasonably related to the election to all voting members via the mail alias voting@lists.oasis-open.org.

Members are encouraged to actively participate in the candidate selection process. Members can dialog on issues important to them in the candidate selection process by posting to and monitoring the oasis-member-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org mail list. Members can also send a message of support to the voting representatives of all members via the voting@lists.oasis-open.org mail list. All OASIS members with an active user account can post messages to these mail lists. The public archives can be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oasis-member-discuss and http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/voting/

Member Questions to BoD Candidates

Members of OASIS are encouraged to submit questions for all BoD candidates on issues regarding the management and direction of the Consortium. Questions may be sent to member-questions@oasis-open.org. Staff will compile and summarize the questions and provide an anonymous, representative sample to all BoD candidates. Candidates are strongly encouraged but not required to address each issue. Their responses must be sent with their answers to nominations@oasis-open.org for inclusion in their profile pages. See the Election Schedule for question submission and response deadlines.

Voting Process

Each OASIS Foundational Sponsor, Sponsor, and Contributor organization is eligible to vote via one ballot. In order to participate in the voting process, member organizations must be in good standing when the ballot opens.

Notification of the availability of online ballots is distributed via email to each organizational member’s Primary Representative and/or designated Voting Representative. Ballots list candidates by name and organization.

Each OASIS Foundational Sponsor, Sponsor and Contributor member organization may submit one ballot with votes for up to the number of seats then contested for the Board of Directors. Completed ballots must be received by OASIS before the end of the balloting period. The balloting system confirms receipt of the ballot to the voting member. The balloting period ends at the time stated. If quorum is not reached, the balloting period will be extended by reasonable notice to all voting members.

The five candidates, receiving the highest number of votes shall win the Annual Eelection and a two-year seat on the OASIS Board of Directors. The sixth ranked candidate will win the Special Election for a one-year term. In the case of a tie, a winner shall be selected among the tied candidates by a random process chosen and conducted by the election administrator, witnessed by one or more uninterested parties. The election results, including number of votes for each candidate and any tie resolution, shall be announced to the OASIS membership.

Further details on the OASIS Board of Directors can be found in the OASIS Bylaws. Contact Member Services, at member-services@oasis-open.org,  or  +1 (781) 425-5073, if you have any questions regarding this process or if you require any other information.