In OASIS Technical Committees, members come together to develop specifications using our respected (and often emulated) open process and IP policy. Standards produced by TCs can go on to be approved and published by other standards development organizations like ISO, IEC, or the ITU. They get recognized in international policy and procurement and are widely adopted.


  • Lightweight process that ensures integrity of work while allowing rapid progress
  • Publicly accessible standards that anyone can use without fee
  • Membership that’s open to all organizations and individuals
  • Operating rules that ensure transparent governance anddemocratic participation so that all TC members have the same rights 
  • Public reviews, comment facilities, and other channels to allow non-members to provide input

Each TC operates independently. Members determine the scope and set the technical direction. They elect their own chairs, make decisions by consensus, and approve their work by open ballot. They choose a licensing mode from a set of options curated by OASIS. Most TCs operate under our Non-Assertion IP mode, although three other options are available.

Current TCs address areas as varied as cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, emergency management, content technologies, legal data exchange, and more. Ideas for new TCs are always welcome. 

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