A collection of resources useful to members of projects working at OASIS.

OASIS support request forms: Use these forms to assign procedural support tasks to the appropriate OASIS staff. To see the current work queue, click here.

For Committee Chairs

For Editors

Editor’s Manual: The role of an editor is to create documents that reflect the consensus of the project team and capture the intent of the group clearly and unambiguously. These documents will show you both the operational tasks involved in editing and some of the organizational skills as well.

Supporting resources: The documents below are additional resources that can help editors prepare their work.

  • Request a starter document/template: Use this form to request a template for starting a new work product.
  • DocBook template & style sheets: Stylesheets, authoring instructions, and the methodology for creating and publishing OASIS Committee Specifications and Committee Notes using DocBook XML
  • DITA Stylesheets: Supporting development and maintenance of the style sheets and other resources that are used to build OASIS-styled publications from DITA source

Additional useful documentation: The documents below provide additional information on developing specifications at OASIS.

For Maintainers