The OASIS Open Distinguished Contributor designation is awarded to a select group of OASIS members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of open standards and/or open source projects. We gratefully acknowledge these outstanding individuals for their impact on the global information society.

The most recently named Distinguished Contributors are Andrea Caccia, Jason Keirstead, and Vasileios Mavroeidis.

How are OASIS Distinguished Contributors selected?

Distinguished Contributors are nominated by OASIS staff and members. Final selection is made solely by OASIS staff and is based on four criteria:

  1. Introduction of new work Distinguished Contributors are evangelists of the OASIS open process. They identify gaps where new developments are needed and encourage participation in our consortium.
  2. Influence and visibility in the industry Distinguished Contributors are recognized as leaders and experts in their fields by their peers, the media, and the industry. Their influence improves the quality of OASIS work and inspires other members to emulate them.
  3. Ability to build consensus Distinguished Contributors model and facilitate open, inclusive decision-making, ensuring that all stakeholders are heard and that technical work is advanced through collaboration.
  4. Leadership and service Distinguished Contributors serve in leadership and influential roles in OASIS committees and projects. Their participation substantially raises the quality and breadth of OASIS technical work.

Program Details

Selection. OASIS holds a one-month nomination period during which time any OASIS Member, Technical Committee, or Member Section may nominate a candidate. Final selection is made by OASIS staff. Recipients are announced at the OASIS Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members.

Terms. OASIS Distinguished Contributor status is held in perpetuity, similar to a “Lifetime Achievement Award” or “Hall of Fame”. Thus, an individual will not be named as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor more than once.