One of the most respected, non-profit standards bodies in the world, OASIS Open offers projects—including open source projects—a path to standardization and de jure approval for reference in international policy and procurement.

People join OASIS to advance projects for cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT, emergency management, cloud computing, legal data exchange, and much more. The technologies vary, but our mission stays the same: to advance the fair, transparent development of open source software and standards through the power of global collaboration and community.

Our infrastructure. Your expertise.

Here, you can find multiple ways to contribute to open source and open standards initiatives. But that’s just the start. You’ll also find the process, guidance, governance, community, and attention your ideas and work deserve.


OASIS Open offers four key programs to support and amplify your work.

  • Technical Committees. Develop specifications in an open, lightweight process with a path to recognition in international policy and procurement––with both integrity and rapid progress.
  • Open Projects. Work in an environment of cross-organizational sharing and collaboration, where you can develop open source code and standards, too. ​​
  • Foundation-as-a-Service. Get the infrastructure and fiscal agency services to quickly form and run an independent foundation.
  • Technical Advisory Groups to ISO.​​ ​​Represent U.S. interests in global standards produced by ISO.

OASIS Open Europe Foundation

The OASIS Open Europe Foundation provides a strong and dedicated European focus in setting standards for open collaboration and allows OASIS to provide long-term sustainability for European Union research projects.


OASIS was founded under the name “SGML Open” in 1993. It began as a consortium of vendors and users devoted to developing guidelines for interoperability among products that support the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). The consortium changed its name to “OASIS” in 1998 to reflect an expanded scope of technical work.