OASIS Open Projects
provides collaborative communities with foundation-level support, IP and license management, stakeholder governance, an open process, and more. With Open Projects, communities have the power to develop what they choose–code, APIs, standards, reference implementations–under open source licenses with an option for their work to be referenced in global policy and procurement.  

Core services:

  • Contributor License Agreement administration
  • Community management support
  • Collaboration tool set: GitHub org, mailing group, calendar, roster, ballot, asynchronous chat, video meetings…
  • Management of deliverables through the OASIS Standards approval process with the option to submit to ISO, IEC, ITU…
  • Governance administration and support
  • Set-up or transition of project assets such as repositories, code base, website, group communication channels, etc.
  • Ongoing support for community-led marketing activities 
  • Outreach to secure more developers, sponsors, and adopters
  • Coordination for meetings, plugfests, webinars, and conferences
  • Free public access to your work in perpetuity

Details on core services are provided here.

Each Open Project operates independently under lightweight rules that support stakeholder governance and ensure the work stays on track. Project members choose from several of the most popular OSI-approved open source licenses.

The potential to get ISO, IEC, or ITU approval is a huge advantage. Governments are becoming more reluctant to endorse open source projects developed outside a recognized process.

Christopher Ferris, CTO Open Technology, IBM

Open Projects are funded by sponsorship from organizations committed to the project’s success. Grants and donations are also accepted. Everyone is welcome to contribute technically to an Open Project–dues are not required for individuals.

More resources:

Guides and documentation

Contributor License Requirements

Open Projects Advisory Council