There are two forms of Contributor License Agreements (CLA) that govern contributions to an OASIS Open Project: the Individual CLA (i-CLA) for any individual contributor, and the optional Entity CLA (e-CLA) for organizations when their representatives contribute material on their behalf.

Individual CLA: In order to contribute intellectual property into a OASIS Open Project, you must agree to be bound by the terms of a Contributor License Agreement (CLA), so that it is clear what terms apply to your intellectual property contributions. This is a license by you as an individual, for your protection as a contributor as well as for the protection of OASIS Open and all who use the donated material. You are required to agree to this CLA before you contribute to an OASIS Open Project. The i-CLA is managed at the project level. Your pull-request to a project repository will trigger an automated i-CLA review and present you with a click-through agreement if one is not on file for you for that project.

The specific language in the i-CLA is posted here.

Entity CLA: For a corporation, organization or other entity that owns Intellectual Property being contributed to an Open project, an Entity CLA is available for contributing intellectual property via that entity, that may have been assigned as part of an employment or contractor agreement. If an individual wishes to make contributions on behalf of an organization, then the organization must complete an Entity CLA. The signing of an Entity CLA does not remove the need for every developer or contributor to sign their own CLA as an individual, to cover any contributions not owned by the entity signing the Entity CLA.

The specific language in the e-CLA and links for submitting an e-CLA are posted here.

Updating and Terminating a CLA

The Contributor License Agreements specify conditions under which any CLA would require update. An Individual or Entity CLA can be updated or terminated at any time by sending an appropriate email message to


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