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NIEM Model v6.0 Project Specification 01 approved by the NIEMOpen Open Project

NIEM Model Version 6.0 ready for testing and implementation

OASIS is pleased to announce that NIEM Model Version 6.0 from the NIEMOpen Open Project [1] has been approved as an OASIS Project Specification.

NIEM is a data model that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizations. NIEM can improve interoperability among message exchange partners by providing consistent rules, reusable data components, and repeatable processes.

NIEM Model v6.0 includes detailed descriptions of the changes since the previous version 5.2.

This Project Specification is an OASIS deliverable, completed and approved by the OP’s Project Governing Board and fully ready for testing and implementation. The applicable open source licenses can be found in the project’s administrative repository at

The specification and related files are available at:

NIEM Model Version 6.0
Project Specification 01
04 December 2023

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Complete XML Schema:
NIEM Core Schema:
NIEM Domain Schemas:
NIEM Adapter Schemas:
NIEM Auxiliary Schemas:
NIEM Code Schemas:
NIEM External Schemas:
NIEM Utility Schemas:
NIEM Documentation files:
NIEM documentation files:
Other artifacts:
NIEM CSV files:
NIEM XML Catalog:

Distribution ZIP file

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file at:

Members of the NIEMOpen OP Project Governing Board approved this specification by Special Majority Vote [2] as required by the Open Project rules [3].

Our congratulations to the participants and contributors in the NIEMOpen Open Project on their achieving this milestone.

Additional references:

[1] NIEMOpen Open Project

[2] Approval ballot: