Board Standing Rules


“A-Item”: means an Agenda Item that will be presented at a Board meeting for voting on. A-Items are generally clustered at the top of the Agenda, unless they must be preceded by a presentation that cannot occur until later in the meeting.

“Board Two-Thirds Vote”: A positive vote by two-thirds of the Board members

“By Invitation” means an invitation extended by the Committee chair or by the Board Chair, always after obtaining Board approval. This invitation must be renewed annually at the July/August Board Face-to-Face meeting unless the terms of the invitation are for a shorter term.

“Invited Expert”: An OASIS Member who is invited to participate in a Board Committee; an Invited Expert may also be a TAB member, but does not represent the TAB. Invited Experts have no voting rights.

“Vote”: Board Committees vote only on the rarest of occasions, and no Committee vote is binding on the Board; Committees produce only recommendations for the Board to approve.

Standing Rules:

Standing Rule 2006-11-13:

  1. As regards the Executive, Finance and Staffing Board Committees
    • TAB members as such are excluded from participation.
    • Staff members may participate By Invitation.
    • Invited Experts may participate By Invitation.
    • Only Board directors and officers may vote in meetings of these committees.
  2. As regards any Board Committees other than Executive, Finance and Staffing
    • TAB, Staff Members and Invited Experts can participate By Invitation.
    • Only one TAB member may represent the TAB.
    • Only one Staff member, of those staff participating in a Committee, may have voting rights.

Standing Rule 2006-12-15:

  1. Agenda items marked as A-Items for a Board of Directors meeting qualify automatically as such if they (and their supporting material) are sent to the Board of Directors at least seven days in advance of the Board meeting. Other agenda items may also qualify as A-Items if Directors so decide by a Two-Thirds Board Vote during any Board meeting.
  2. A Board Meeting’s Agenda must be circulated at least three days in advance of the meeting.

Standing Rule 2010-02-03:

Members who will be eligible to run SHOULD announce their intention to run for board officer positions a minimum of two weeks before the election.

The decision to approve Standing Rules 2006-11-13-01 and 2006-11-13-02 and associated definitions is recorded in Board minutes [1], Standing Rules 2006-12-15-01 and 2006-12-15-02 in [2], and Standing Rules 2010-02-03-01 and 2010-02-03-02 in [3], these last being amended by the update as recorded in [4].