Open Projects Advisory Council Terms of Reference

The OASIS Open Projects Advisory Council works to create a more transparent and collaborative future for industry, open standards, and open source. OASIS Open Projects Advisory Council members are volunteers, who bring their unique, expert, and diverse perspectives for how that future can be built for the betterment of all.

Advisory Council Goals

The goal of the Open Projects Advisory Council is to influence the direction of OASIS by providing strategic insight and advice to OASIS staff, Board of Directors, and the community at-large, on the needs of open source and open standards projects and the industries they support. In particular, the Open Projects Advisory Council will:

  • Curate a vision of Open Source and Open Standards, and help OASIS deliver that vision.
  • Leverage their experience to advise on good and bad practices throughout a project lifecycle.
  • Monitor the execution of Open Projects and advise on policy and governance changes and additions.
  • Assist in building up a diverse community under the OASIS umbrella to include a wide range of perspectives from people of different race, gender, age, background, industry, and geographic location.
  • Foster open, inclusive community discussions on issues and the future of open practices.


Members of the Open Projects Advisory Council:

  • Are expected to attend quarterly calls and respond to infrequent emails, wherein they give advice to OASIS on different matters.
  • Do not have a fiduciary responsibility to OASIS and may or may not be otherwise be active in OASIS programs.
  • Are invited to join the Council by the Open Projects Administrator. Affiliation with an Open Project is not required.
  • Generously contribute their time for the good of the community and are not paid by OASIS for their service.
  • Serve for two-year terms that may be renewed on mutual agreement. AC Members may resign their membership at any time for any reason.

These Terms of Referece were approved by the OASIS Board of Directors on 11 April 2019.