Washing My Friend’s Beard

For those of you who’ve been around for a while here or at the very least read my statement piece on what men’s grooming is for me then you all know what I’m all about. I take pride in my extremely forward approach to my own personal grooming and the grooming of those within my immediate vicinity. As I stated much earlier on this blog that whole approach has gotten me some rather mixed results as far as the reception of the concerned parties is involved. Now before any of you start making some wild accusations about me attacking my friends with grooming products please keep your imaginations in check. The absolute worst I’d done was in a rather loud voice explain to an acquaintance that his beard looked like he had been travelling via rail road with all of his belongings on the end of a stick.

For the sake of my image and as something a bit more fun to write about I should probably explain how it was that I had come to admonish my friend and his beard. You see this particular friend of mine has always been of a rather laid back disposition. I remember when we were teenagers and he would get all manner of food stuck in his beard. I believe there was even a point where he had gum in it. But that was way back in the day and as of now he’s gotten used to my preacher-like sermons on men’s grooming. But back to my story since the person in question is a long time and close personal friend of mine when I met up with him recently I was more than happy to see him again and less than happy to see that my advice stopped being heeded the second I was out of ear shot. So there we were at a party surrounded by friends and acquaintances and I had just called him a hobo. All eyes were on us but I don’t really mind attention and since my house was nearby I dragged him over to introduce his facial hair to the best beard wash around. And by introduce I mean I literally made him wash his beard right then and there. As annoyed as he was initially about the whole prospect a simple touch comparison between our beards showed him my point and how little an argument he actually had. I guess the moral of this story is it’s okay to criticize if you mean well and have a solution for the problem otherwise you’re kind of just being rude.