Party Time!

I’m always looking for new things to pique my interest, you all know that. Recently I’ve dipped in and out of cosmetics, from skincare to makeup, as I get ready for a time where concern over social distancing and mass gatherings eases some more. I know we were all just excited for lockdown to end, but I still feel apprehensive about being so close to so many people I don’t know. Well, I don’t know where they’ve been, or who else they’ve been fraternising with.

Regardless, the calendar is starting to fill up. Parties, parties, parties! And the amazing thing about my friends is… They love a good costume. How could I possibly say no? In fact, it’s always a resounding yes!!

So with the context sorted, I’ve been practising new makeup looks, both the more natural side of things and full costume makeup. Face paint? Check. Fluro coloured eyeshadow? Check. Fake lashes longer than my hopes and dreams? Check! I pretty much get home at the end of the working day, make dinner, and vault to the bathroom to try a new look. I’ve already spent all the public transport travel time and lunch break on Pinterest saving things to try. After a few days, something became very apparent. My under eye area was feeling particularly assaulted by the constant application and removal of makeup. Let’s not talk about my stint with makeup wipes… Like sandpaper scratching across the skin. Redness. Ooh boy, the sensitivity I had. Couldn’t even touch my eyelashes without the proximity causing a burning sensation. I had a short break, to let the skin recover, and thankfully with the help of some e45 cream and squalane oil, it did. And I was thinking, I can’t go through this every time I have a party! I can’t just go between destroying the skin and nourishing it with all the care it deserves… I’ll need a way to provide all that nourishment and care whilst still doing my new looks. I’m particularly excited for a party with the theme ‘associated romance’. It sounds a little cliché to begin with, but it does have some room to be fun. Basically, so long as your costume or idea has a word association with something romantic, you’re good to go. So I had the great idea of doing KISS… the band! Get that black and white face paint out, I’m all in! So I can’t really escape the eye area there.

10th May 1976: American rock group Kiss arrive at London airport for their first European tour, already sporting black and silver make up and costumes. From left to right they are guitarist Ace Frehley, lead singer Gene Simmons, guitarist Paul Stanley and drummer Peter Criss. (Photo by Peter Cade/Central Press/Getty Images)

I launched into a skincare hunt, or a research deep dive if you prefer, for my saving grace. I had some eye creams lying about… but I didn’t like applying with my fingers, or wasting a cotton bud or something. I don’t know what other people do. Eye gels were the same beast, too thick to apply right to the skin. I was getting desperate, until a product in a golden light jumped out of the computer screen to me. An eye serum. This one has such a cooling roller ball, so I don’t have to touch my face, and its so light the serum just goes on easily and seeps into the skin. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but there’s already a difference. It feels stronger, and brighter too. I never noticed how dark my eye bags were, not including the KISS makeup!