About Openh

I’m just a regular guy who thought it would be nice to write a blog about the things I find interesting. Now if you wanted to get know me more as a person please go to the contact page. If you just wanted to know same basic stuff well let’s see ; My name is Milton I’m 28 years old and my hobbies include reading absolutely anything and from time to time trying to figure out how to get better at golf. I don’t play golf mind you I just want to be ready in the unlikely scenario my boss or someone I need to impress ever brings me along to play golf.

I started openh to give myself an avenue in order to practice writing in an interesting manner. Although I’ve gotten multiple chances to write about interesting things over the years I still think that I could improve and thus this blog was born. I truly hope that the things I post on here about my fascination with the world will help you learn something while you’re here and the same time help me develop as a writer.