The Ultimate Beard Grooming Product

I quite often have people ask me, ‘Milton, what do you think the ultimate beard grooming product is?’.

I always say that the answer is quite complicated. A lot of men need an array of different products to choose from (some even end up purchasing or building cabinets just to house the all).

I for one am a simplistic man. For me, I believe in the saying ‘simple is better’ – It’s a motto I carry around with me always; in my personal life, in business and in leisure. The same applies when it comes to beard grooming.

My regime is built around the notion of speed and efficiency. I want to be able to groom and nourish my facial hair as quickly and effectively as possible. The simplest way to do this is to whittle down the amount of products needed to get the job done.

I remember when I first set out on this task – I essentially ended up using just one product from my arsenal each morning, and seeing which one left my beard feeling the most conditioned and nourished and ready for the day ahead.

Applying beard oil

It was a tight call, but I eventually concluded that the item I couldn’t be without was undeniably beard oil. Some call it the quintessential beard accessory, and to be honest I find it hard to disagree with them.

By design, it’s intended to deeply nourish the facial hair, ward off beard itch and make it more controllable and malleable when it comes to combing/brushing. Even if you’re without a comb or a brush, just using your hands to shape your beard after applying oil usually does the trick.

My next step was to figure out, which particular beard oil was my favourite and staple that I was going to commit to and use everyday. There are so many to choose from (too many!) but after trying a bucket load, I came to the conclusion that this beard oil was by far my favourite.

The main thing I like about it is it’s scent! After trying it well over a year ago, I still use it religiously each and every day. Give it a try!