The Phenomenon Continues!

Over the last year I’ve paid considerable attention to the state and amount of beards I see in public. Ever since I read a newspaper article that the trend was in decline, I’ve made an effort to try and observe the populous, and see if this was the case.

After a year of extensive people watching, I’ve come to the conclusion that this article could not be more wrong…

What I’ve noticed is that even more men have beards now! What was a fad for men in the late twenties has bridged the gap as facial hair seems to be much more prevalent in older men too now.

Personally I think this is great. I have no doubt in my mind that the average women believes men are more attractive with facial hair, even if it is some light stubble.

The fact that this craze doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon meant I had a decision to make.

festive beard trend

Should I stick to my guns and keep my light stubble / occasionally clean stubble look? Or should I push the boat out, throw away my razor, and ban shaving cream in my house for a month or two to see what would happen?

I decided to take a trip down the latter path, and boy have I enjoyed the journey. I never knew having facial hair could be so rewarding.

The first thing I began to notice was that I was getting more looks from women in the street, which is always a nice boost to your confidence. Secondly I noticed that I generally looked much older than I did before (perhaps this is the reason for the increase in looks!).

After wearing this in for a few months, I came to the decision that the beard was here to stay and I began attempting to source products that could help keep it in good condition. To date, the best product I have purchased an used is this beard balm. It makes my beard look, feel and even smell amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.

So, as the title suggests…the phenomenon certainly does continue, and I personally have no idea of when it’s going to end!