Men’s Grooming – A Flash in the Pan?

Open H is open for business. Thank you for taking some interest in my blog and for coming here to read this post. It means the world to me!!

This post is all about a recent phenomenon that has swept the western world over the last three of four years.

Now before I give it away, I will say that many people thought this would very much be a flash in the pan. A momentary blip or a fad if you will. Something that wouldn’t be around for too long, and will ultimately be long forgotten in the near future.

Oh but those people, those doubters couldn’t have been more wrong. The subject I will soon divulge is alive and kicking and is showing no signs of abating. In fact it’s growing and spreading across the world with intense virility.

Any clue what it is I’m talking about yet? To be honest, from what I’ve said so far, I could be talking about a whole host of subjects. I’ll narrow it down for you. This subject, or topic concerns man, and more specifically their appearance.

Still don’t know? Ok I’ll break it to you. I’m talking about men’s grooming. About five years ago this really started getting popular and men started paying a lot more attention to themselves, their outward appearance and their overall looks.

Believe me, I’m not using this blog as a platform to take a swipe at these people – far from it. I applaud their self consciousness and discipline. I for one are nowhere near close to calling myself a grooming expert, although I do hope to give myself that moniker one day.

I think my favourite thing about this phenomenon is all the incredible products that have come to market because of it.

Like many young gentleman, I have taken to growing my facial hair out a bit, and am partial to using a good mens hair comb through my beard on occasion. It is strange how this movement has taken the world by storm, in a relatively short amount of time. I wonder what the next storm will bring?