Makeup and Ancient History. – How people applied makeup thousands of years ago

Learning something new about makeup is always fascinating. A new technique or a new formula always makes you think about the practical applications you might have for it. Maybe finding a new night serum with great results or some other product. I personally also have another interest aside from makeup which is my great love of history and I thought maybe if you share my interests you might get a kick out of reading this today.

Today we’re going to be looking at the Ancient Egyptian makeup practices and from what I know about their culture this ought to be quite interesting to a lot of you. A little background is that back in Ancient Egypt, unlike a lot of other ancient societies, makeup was something practiced by everybody. Not just the rich but also the poor practiced makeup of course to a varying degree but it makeup was commonplace nonetheless and another distinction of the times was that make up wasn’t gender specific which although really interesting isn’t all that surprising when you think about it.

Something that seems common to us but overall wasn’t all too common in most other societies was that the ancient Egyptians were very big fans of soap. They really emphasized the use of soap because if you smelled you were seen as impure. Not just any soap might I add because their oils were often infused with oils to give a nice scent lingering long after use.

Another unsurprising fact is that ancient wasn’t much cooler than it is now, I mean it is a desert what do you expect? Moisturizing of course becomes key in this situation so the ancient Egyptians also fancied the use of body oils. The use of body oils was so commonplace that a lot of workers also included body oils in their wages. They weren’t limited to oil however as they also used honey as a sort of moisturizer directly on their skin. Another fun if not hilarious fact is that men were also known to use special lotions on their head, for what reason you might ask? To prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth of course. That’s right back in ancient Egypt there might have been a merchant selling his wares openly advertising to bald or balding men about his own “one of a kind hair growth solution” it’s funny to think how similar that might be to today’s marketing but it’s a fact nonetheless.

These were just a couple of the practices that the ancient Egyptians used to have when it came to cosmetics and the ever elusive pursuit of the concept of beauty. Before I end this article I just wanted you to picture yourselves an ancient Egyptian party for whatever reason you might be able to think of and know that they used to wear wings to these festivities. Both Men and Women wore these decorative wings to these parties. Sounds exciting right? Those wings were made of human hair. Isn’t history amazing?