How My New Favourite Product Cured My Aging Face

I know that title seems to be quite a big claim, but I stand by it.

2 weeks ago I came across a product that has since done wonders to my face.

If you know me well, you’ll know that I place quite a lot of emphasis and importance on beard care. I quite often fall into the trap of neglecting the state of my face though!

A few weeks ago I decided it was high time to remedy that. Not knowing the first thing about skincare, I enlisted the help of my long-term girlfriend (they are quite handy once in a while!).

She set me on the right path by asking exactly what it was that I needed help with. My answer was pretty broad to say the least – I needed help with pretty much every part of my face.

My T-zone has become particularly oily recently, and I felt the bags under my eyes had been getting noticeably worse in recent weeks.

On top of that I had began to notice that my cheeks had been get coarser by the day – Perhaps I was shaving them too vigorously.

Applying mud mask

With all of this in mind, my girlfriend suggested I find a product that can tackle all these areas, rather than splash out the cash on multiple items that could treat the different areas.

These were wise words as I eventually ended up spending less than £20, whereas purchasing multiple products would have at least led to spending £50.

She suggested that something like a facial scrub or a mud mask should do the trick, and to try to look out for one that combats all these different areas.

I had a good search online during some free time on a weekday evening, and wasn’t disappointed with what I found. I eventually plumped for this mud mask and now it’s been a few weeks I can safely say that I’m glad I did.

My t-zone looks noticeably less oily, my bags have decreased and my cheeks feel lovey and smooth. What more could I ask for!