Do I stay or do I go?

Hey everyone. I wanted to talk today about cleanliness. Showers, baths, facewashes, foot scrubs, the works! I mean, who doesn’t love to be clean? That feeling when you get out of the shower and straight into clean bed sheets… you know exactly what I mean. Glorious!

I recently started going back to the gym, and I’m in a quandary over whether or not to shower there. Pros include convenience, not stinking up my car or offending people on the bus, and lowering my water bill. Cons include not quite trusting the cleanliness of the showers, not being able to sing and talk to myself, having to carry a wet towel away with me, and having to carry all of my various products with me. Oh, and not being able to meander about in a towel as I dry. Although I guess that could also be a pro, so I don’t waste time meandering about my apartment in a towel. Because you open your phone and then you end up watching YouTube for an hour. And then checking your messages. And your emails. And then you’ve wasted half the day, and you’re still only wearing a towel. Yes, I’ve talked myself into it being on the pro list. Sue me!

The real sticking point for me was the face. I’m sure there are people out there that agree with me on this one, but I am far less fussy when it comes to my body, than cleaning my face. It seems like the skin on my arms and legs are more durable, able to adapt to new and strange body washes. But my face? Oh, no way. Consistency is required, and the slightest alteration of product or environment can send me breaking out like nobody’s business. I started using a cleansing oil after workouts because I read that they can help with drawing away excess oils and sweat, without drying out your skin. How strange is it that an oil can help with oiliness? The magic of skincare, I’ll say! But because it’s in a glass bottle, and requires two hands, it’s a little awkward in a gym shower, or even at the sinks, because someone could nudge you, or you could slip without your favourite fluffy bathmat, and then the glass shatters and you’ve lost 100ml of oil down the drain or all over the floor. Oil on tiles? An absolutely recipe for disaster. I don’t really want to be responsible for people slipping over and breaking their necks!

So, now that you’ve heard my rant, what do you think about my predicament? Should I go home smelly, or cop the cons of showering at the gym? Let me know what you would do!