Men’s Grooming for Me

A lot of people nowadays like to scoff at the idea of spending a large amount of time on their phones or on social media. Some people pride themselves by throwing around statements like “oh I don’t even use (insert any social media site here)” but just because you don’t use one doesn’t mean that you have completely cut the whole enterprise out of your life. Unless you’re social life is (how do I put this nicely?) non-existent then to some degree you’ll still come across the need to use social media. I personally don’t buy into it when someone has to actively say they don’t use something because I just feel like if you have to mention how “out of date” something is then you’re probably just being a hipster. A great example is when youtube went down for a couple of hours and I subsequently saw an assortment of reactions to the idea that they couldn’t watch random funny/entertaining videos anymore. Despite all the people saying that it was a dying platform it very clearly isn’t.

Now you’re asking yourself “what exactly is he talking about?” okay I’m sorry for the tangent but here’s what men’s grooming means to me, I actively pursue it even though some people I know will give me unnecessary and unsolicited comments for it. I don’t know why some guys I know, or used to know, were so against the concept of taking care of yourself. They’ll throw comments at me like “oh don’t be that guy who posts nothing but vanity pics Milton”¬†or “oh god why do you put so much effort into being so fake about the way you look” then it hit me that these people don’t really care about my grooming habits it just annoys them because (I swear I’m not bragging) when put side by side I make them look like slobs. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with sweat pants and a loose shirt covered in potato chip crumbs at home but I like leaving the house looking good.

Now before you say it’s all relative and that looking good depends on the person I’m going to go ahead and disagree with you. I don’t mean that you should be obsessive about the way you look but I mean that taking care of yourself lets others know something about you. So in summary that’s what men’s grooming is to me, a way to let people know that I care about the way I look not for them but for me.